Monday, April 26, 2010

Mediation - A Healing Process

Jose A. Ramirez

When we find ourselves in the middle of a conflict we tend to use the same tools we have used most of our lives. Many people avoid conflict and pretend conflict does not exist and others tend to accommodate people in their lives allowing the other parties to do whatever they want, even when others’ actions adversely affect them. There are other conflict styles but for the purpose of this piece I’m only focusing on these two. I believe that eventually the resentment will become so burdensome, in both of these cases, that the conflict will escalate. Human reaction is so very unpredictable that escalation can take many forms including stopping all communication. Because the main ingredient in conflict resolution is communication, when it does not exist, the conflict may never be resolved and even if the conflict is never talked about, it will lie under the surface.

People often rely on time to “heal the relationship” but in the best case scenario the relationship may be rekindled but the conflict will not be solved. What happens to individuals, families, partners and businesses as they wait for time to heal the relationships?

Mediators can assist in resolving your conflict and preserve or recast your relationships when it becomes more than you want to or can handle. Mediators help people during any point of their conflict; preventing the escalation of conflict or guiding people to settle some of their toughest conflicts.

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